After living on the North shore of Massachusetts for a few years, I am returning to my original home of the South shore. The big difference this time is that now I have my very own dog. I adopted Tris from Schultz’s Guest House in Dedham MA three years ago. During those three years we explored the city of Salem, and some other beautiful spots on the North shore. We had made friends, dog and human alike, at all our local haunts, and now we are beginning to explore the dog friendly spots of Plymouth and Cape Cod. Feel free to check out all of our favorite dog friendly shops, restaurants, and parks, on both shores!IMG_8363.JPG


Our Pack Grows

Today our furry family grew by 1 kitten. We rescued a very petite long haired kitten, and she is precious. She loves to nuzzle heads, play with her cat dancer, and cuddle with her stuffed animals. Tris and I have started training today in hopes that she will become less weary of the kitten. She tends to get spooked easily which in-turn spooks the kitten. They can now co-exist quietly in the same room. And after much treating, Tris no longer barks outside the bedroom door when I am with the cat. Soon I will open the bedroom door and let little Hermione wander the house, but not until Tris is completely comfortable with her presence. I will also be getting Hermione used to wearing a harness, and traveling in the car.


Some More Great Dog Reads For Kids…

Here are a few excellent children’s books starring/co-starring dogs; Great for a summer read!

  1. “Binky The Space Cat” Series is a highly entertaining comic. These books are hilarious for any age, and really gets the perspective of the pets. Such a fun read.

2. “Madeline Finn and the Library Dog” by Lisa Papp is one of my favorite dog books. It features a dog that helps kids become more fluent readers, just like Tris! And what a great surprise ending!

3. “Sniffer Dogs” by Nancy F. Castaldo is a great Non-Fiction read for older readers. It also has vibrant photos that would hold a younger readers attention while being read to. So many surprising jobs out there for dogs and their amazing noses!

4. “Hello Goodbye Dog” by Maria Gianferrari is another great tale of a service dog, who has a little work to do before he can assist his little girl at school.

Doggy Do Good Bags

I was researching less harmful waste bags for my dog and discovered these!

These bags are sturdy and are easy to tear off one handed. They mask the odor very nicely and are BIODEGRADABLE!’

This small company also does a lot of good and gives back to help animals, so if you are looking for a new brand of bags, check these guys out. You can even get them on Amazon.

Apple idog

I was so sad to have recycle my old laptop in return for a new one, but being able to watch Tris befriend the entire staff of the Derby St. Apple store made it worth it. She enjoyed walking under the high wooden tables, and getting cuddles from the people standing nearby. She also loved the floor to ceiling store window, which made our bay window seem like a pinhole. We found so many dog lovers while waiting our turn, and sharing the stories of puppies and adoptions made the time fly by.

So check with your local Apple store to see if they are dog friendly, it really enhances the experience ten fold.

Great Herring Pond

Today was our first paddle of the season. It was a beautiful breezy day out on the water, and aside from 1 fisherman, we had the water all to ourselves. Tris enjoyed watching the native birds and later on jumped the dock to try to catch a duck, to no avail. I can’t wait to get back out on this pond!

A Vet with A Huge Heart

I must say my previous veterinarians have never helped me network for a job before. Dr. Norm Stillman of Court Street Animal Hospital is one in a million. Not only does he answer emails personally, and very quickly, he’s also eager to tell you the best dog friendly beaches, and even help you with job hunting! Such a caring person, I wouldn’t trust Tris’ health to anyone else. Plus their main exam room has the most amazing bay window πŸ˜‚

Arts and Crafts

I had heard a rumor that our local Michaels craft store was dog friendly. Today we discovered it is true! Who knew? Tris loved walking the aisles, especially the wooden craft aisle. She was happily greeted at the checkout counter and made waiting in our quick line pleasurable for all of those around us. I will be going back soon, especially at the end of summer when us teachers get ready for the new school year.

Bath Time!

Since the beginning I have been using Davis Chlorhexidine shampoo on Tris. It is great for white dogs because it really beings out that crisp color in their coat. It also leaves Tris’s fur super soft and fluffy. So aside from making her look like a lamb, she loves it. Luckily yesterday we had a super hot and sunny day so I didn’t have to break out her power dryer, but they really do work great to speed up the process. Finally, I’m always amazed by how much fur comes off when I brush her after a bath. Usually we do a few rounds, with a variety of different brushes, just to get it all off. What’s your bathing routine?

Chicken Integration 101

Whenever I add a new pet to our household, I always try to take my time when it comes to the dog. Tris is a very loving and tolerant canine, but she still has a prey drive so I am always cautious. Our guinea pig is a great source of entertainment for Tris, and she loves to lick her when she is out and about for playtime. Now that they are alright to co-exist together I have some strategies to help with her future chicken integration. Tris loves watching our chicks, and whenever they make a sudden movement she perks right up and stands at attention.

After a couple of days of watching them through the glass I took one out for some gentle petting. Tris was right there curiously watching. She gave the chick a little lick on the head, and when Tris started to get a bit nudge-y I decided that was enough chick time for the day.

Next I set up a play pen in my garage to let the chicks have some free range fun. Tris watched from afar and seemed to enjoy seeing them prance all over my legs and scoot around the pen. After a few more days of watching, I hope to let her into the play pen with me and the chicks. This should foster a sense of protectiveness, that could last until the chicks reach adulthood. More pointers, and updates to come!

I got these healthy rambunctious chicks from Agway of Cape Cod in Dennis MA. They were super helpful when it came to ordering a specific breed, and the store was full of exciting gardening and pet supplies (


Chicken Time

The chickens have just arrived, and in less than a half hour they have quieted down and adjusted to the new enclosure. The car ride home with the heat on seemed to keep them happy, but they sure were glad to get out of their box.

Meanwhile, Tris is fascinated. She loves hearing all their chirps, and her new favorite hobby is watching them eat, drink, and run around. This weekend I plan to let her get up close, and sniff one or two of them. More updates ahead!