Picking Out Our Toyota Truck!

When you buy a car you think about your lifestyle and go from there. Well my dog is a huge part of my lifestyle. We needed something hardy and tough. Also, after moving to Plymouth, I realized with all the house projects, dump runs, and buying new appliances, a truck would really come in handy. Finally, being in an area with fairly heavy snowfall I knew having four wheel drive would be a very good idea.

Going from a Prius to a Tacoma was a big adjustment, so the day I picked up the truck I brought my dog to to the dealership with me for support. All of the employees were eager to give her a pat, and compliment her ability to sit in chairs. She really made the whole process more fun for everyone involved.

Of course we have been back for scheduled maintenance since then, and waiting in the waiting area with my dog has always been a pleasure. She is a great conversation starter, and tends get a majority of employees over for a quick pat as they pass through the hallway on their daily business.

So if you want your dog to be a part of your car buying purchase, Sullivan Brothers Toyota in Kingston is a great choice (www.sullivanbrotherstoyota.com).


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