Kong’s Sturdy and Comfortable Harness

This harness is excellent. It has a padded chest plate, a handle, and easy to close clasps. I was not surprised when Petsmart ran out of this harness years ago, but I never thought it would take so long to find it again. Certain colors are already out of stock, so I have a couple backups in the closet. We use this harness for daily use, for her therapy visits, and for outdoorsy adventures. Our first Kong harness lasted for over three years, and just recently showed signs of needing replacement. A must buy for active dogs, or dogs that tend to escape collars.

BUY HERE: http://www.petsmart.com/dog/collars-harnesses-and-leashes/harnesses/kong-comfort-dog-harness-42040.html

Dog Friendly Beaches in Summer are Hard to Come By…

Located in Plymouth MA, the Ellis Harbor Trail leads to a nice long, but rocky, beach. Beware the sunbathing seals, and definitely wear appropriate footwear. The water is crisp and refreshing, and along the beach are some nice sandy spots that surface at low tide. The off leash dogs we’ve encountered have been friendly and playful. We will be heading back here this summer for sure. IMG_3122IMG_3193IMG_3123IMG_3099IMG_3103


After living on the North shore of Massachusetts for a few years, I am returning to my original home of the South shore. The big difference this time is that now I have my very own dog. I adopted Tris from Schultz’s Guest House in Dedham MA three years ago. During those three years we explored the city of Salem, and some other beautiful spots on the North shore. We had made friends, dog and human alike, at all our local haunts, and now we are beginning to explore the dog friendly spots of Plymouth and Cape Cod. Feel free to check out all of our favorite dog friendly shops, restaurants, and parks, on both shores!IMG_8363.JPG